Living rooms or family rooms often contain candles, fireplaces, electronics, and heating equipment. They also contain couches and other flammable items. Since 4 percent of house fires start in living rooms with fireplaces, we can assume these factors have something to do with it. Our PYROCHILL Fire Safety Tech will thoroughly inspect the perimeter near your fireplace to make sure you are safe.


Like everything else, chimneys need to be cleaned. We suspect 6 percent of all house fires happen in chimneys because people neglect to have them serviced. Every time you have a fire in your fireplace, sap and ash from whatever you’re burning coats the inside of your chimney. Our PYROCHILL Safety Tech can determine if your chimney needs to be cleaned by doing a scrape test. They shine a light up the chimney and scrape the inside with a special tool. If the residue is 1/8 inches thick, they will advise you to schedule a cleaning. If residue is closer to 1/4 inch, they will advise you to not have another fire until your chimney is professionally cleaned.



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