At PYROCHILL Solutions we utilize our very own formulation of PYROCHILL, a non toxic, non corrosive, bio-degradable fire inhibitor in every product that we manufacture.     


Unlike most flame retardants that only delays the amount of time before something catches on fire, PYROCHILL is a fire inhibitor and fire extinguishing product.  PYROCHILL prevents any treated material from ever combusting into flames, and also extinguishes fire safely and effectively..


When PYROCHILL is present, it can act in three key ways to not only stop the burning process, but prevents fire from breaking out or spreading as well.


1.) PYROCHILL disrupts the combustion stage of a fire cycle, including the prevention “flash-over,” or the burst of flames that engulfs a room and makes it much more difficult to escape.


2.) PYROCHILL limits the process of decomposition by physically encapsulating the available fuel sources from the material source with a fire-resisting “char” layer.


3.) PYROCHILL dilutes the flammable gases and oxygen concentrations in the flame formation zone by emitting nano particles of water, nitrogen and other inert gases when it encounters heat.